Pigeonhole - pencil & paper category style word game for groups - perfect for family games night, a classroom party, team bonding, or any other group gathering!  This is a VoiceOver accessible app.

Pigeonhole is a fast, fun, comment inducing, conversation starting, “paper and pencil” group game!  It provides you with all the game-box type components; you provide the pencil, paper and players!  

Pigeonhole is a solution for those struggling to find a balance between electronic devices and “old-fashioned” non-electronic fun!  You use your electronic device, as well as plain old pencil, paper and conversation!  

Want to play a game with grandma in another state or country? Have her join you via FaceTime! (Make sure she has a copy of Pigeonhole so she can see the topics too.)  Want an ice-breaker for a team bonding event or for your classroom?  Play Pigeonhole!  Having a family game night and want to try a new game?  [Did someone say Pigeonhole?!]

In this game you will select a subject.  Each subject has 15 topics.  Choose an alphabet letter by tapping on the resident in-app pigeon!  Now each person (or team) has 5 minutes to write down as many words and phrases as they can think of that start with that letter.  The person or team who has the most unique responses is the winner.  Check out the Rules drawer for more rules.  

This game has Subject Drawers that will always be in your app.  We occasionally add more Subject Drawers (at no additional charge), and you will see these when connected to the internet, as well as permanently added in future updates.

Please use the “Contact us” link on our homepage if you have comments or suggestions for future editions!